martes, 3 de junio de 2008

Well, this is a meme I got from my teacher, where we can see the information about other persons, meet them, contact them and share our information with them. I invite you to see my answers to the following questions.
What is a Meme?Here there are some definitions:A meme is:
· An idea that, like a gene, can replicate and evolve.
· A unit of cultural information that represents a basic idea that can be transferred from one individual to another, and subjected to mutation, crossover and adaptation.
· A meme (pronounced /mēːm/) consists of any unit of cultural information, such as a practice or idea, that gets transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another.
This a meme I found when I visited my friend Bertha's blog. We are going to experiment with our first meme... so here it goes.... I answered these questions about my life and I am going to pass them to some of you... later you will pass those same questions to 3 more classmates you would like to know more about.
What were you doing 10 years ago?Ten years ago I was 12 years old and I was in middle school. What I used to do is have friends to play with.
5 things you have to do today:Today I have to pick up my little sister at school at noon, then in the afeternoon I have to study because tomorrow I have a test. This is the testweek.
Snacks I enjoy…
I like cake a lot, chocolate and three milks are my favorite ones.
Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
I would buy all the thing I dream to have to live very well, as me as my family. I´ll make the most incredible
Three of my bad habits:
Being strong headed sometimes... working too much...
5 places I have lived:
I haven't lived in many places... I lived in Ciudad Ojeda and Anaco once.
5 jobs I have had:
I have always worked as a teacher.. language teacher..
3 people I want to know more about:
I would like to know more about: Mariangely Caldera, Jose Pirela, Helimenes Hernandez

About today´s class, it was very fun and interesting because of the points we discussed, like what is more important in your life?, beauty or looking good?. Sometimes that question could be a very hard one.
We talked and answer several questions about it, and the specific question that my group or work line chose was: Have you ever seen someone fighting against the old age?, and we answered that. In my opinion, I said that I have seen people close to me like my aunt Janeth, fighting against the old age, that´s because she is always concerned about her look and most of the time find an excuse to make her a procedure, so the conclusion is that she cares to be beauty in the way she cares looking good.
We also took a photo of ourself with our work lines thanks to the teacher Doris, it was very fun!, and that way you can see the moments that we all in the class share each other and join learning English by this innovator method. There you have the photo, I´m the one in the middle!.

martes, 13 de mayo de 2008

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

there!, I hope you like my blog and it could be useful to learn English like I´m doing.

My name’s
Esvaldo Villasmil. I’m from Maracaibo, originally. I’m 22 years old and I study low at URBE. I live in Maracaibo, in Canta Claro. I´m in level 6 of the URBE ESL Program. My favourite subject is Mercantile.

I love
sharing moments with my girlfriend, driving my car, ice cream, chocolate, pizza, playing basket ball and movies.

I hate
violence and rude people.

My dream is to
graduate of Lawyer as soon is possible so I can get married with my girlfriend, who is the one with me in the picture, practice my profession, have kids and make them and very happy for life.

About English
, is very important. I like to see series and movies in English so I can be in practice because in this moments I have no one to practice with.

, I really expect you like and enjoy my blog and you invited other people to do it as well. It’ll be nice if you live me a message with your opinion. Thank you!, and good bye!.